Wilmington Pilates offers In-Person or Virtual classes

Whether you’d like the opportunity to use our world-class Pilates equipment or you’re more comfortable working out in your own space, we’ve got you covered.

We offer small group classes and custom one-on-one sessions designed to meet your specific needs.

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Patti McKelvey instructing

Current Classes

Mat work

All Levels Pilates Mat

My All Levels Pilates mat classes are designed to teach the essentials of Pilates from your first day of class. Whether you are a beginner or experienced with Pilates, you will leave class feeling stronger, more mobile and more flexible.  Essential and Intermediate mat exercises will be emphasized, with modifications and support for beginner students, but with flow and precision. 

MELT balls

MELT – The Next Level

All systems go—get connected mind and body, get stable, and tap into your best Body Sense/proprioception ever. This class has core activation, we will be focusing on restoring the hydration in your lower body and bringing more fluid flow through the pelvis and into the torso area — it’s designed to connect and stabilize the NeuroCore and shoulder and pelvic girdles. Think of it as pre-hab—your ticket to helping avoid pain and injury.

Melt Method is a gentle sea-care technique that enhances mobility, stability and performance and is clinically proven to reduce chronic pain while restoring overall wellbeing.

Possible Props: Soft Foam Roller, MELT Large Soft ball or other small soft ball, Resistance Band

Whether you’re an exercise enthusiast or you’re feeling sedentary from too much sitting, this MELT class is for you. This MELT session will not only improve whole-body stability and strengthen your abdominal muscles, it will also rehydrate the common victims of too much sitting: your deep hip stabilizers and glutes.

Patti McKelvey holding mini stability ball

Pilates With Props

In this fun, dynamic Pilates mat class we will use props such as the resistance band, mini loop band, Pilates Magic Circle and mini stability ball to make you Pilates mat exercises more fun and more effective. The props help you connect to your core more effectively, help increase range of motion, and can make exercises easier more difficult. You choose whether to use the prop, and you decided how much extra work you want to create for yourself.

Possible Props: Resistance Band, mini loop band, Pilates Magic Circle, mini stability ball

Stretching on a mat

Stretching For Stress Relief

If you are a living human being, you have stress. This class will help relieve some of that stress that gets stuck in your body in the form of tight muscles and achey joints. This 45 minute class is a full body stretch class, with a purposeful pace. This class will leave you ready to take-on your day.

Pilates strength training

Pilates Strong 60

This class has it all! We start with balance work (who doesn’t need that), then move to strength work using light to medium hand weights, and finish with a quick hit of core and Pilates work. This class moves, and so will you. Your heart rate will be elevated at times, you will feel your muscles burn and your core will feel like you just did a full 30 minute Pilates class.