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Help us get to know you!

Please download, fill out and print a New Client form. Bring it with you to your first session for us to keep in your file.

Welcome New Clients!

Welcome to Wilmington Pilates. If you are here, reading this, you have already made the decision of self care, and a less sedentary lifestyle and you are taking the first step to a life with with more confidence, strength and mobility.

You are on your way to discovering the many ways Pilates can help you move better, get stronger and feel more confident.

Since you are new to my studio, I recommend you call me to determine which class or type of session is best for you based on your current fitness level, age and experience level with Pilates. Once we know what option is best for you I can recommend a 3-week plan (what gets attended to gets done), to get you on your way to moving better, getting stronger and feeling more confident.

My clients know that I am 100% focused on helping theme achieve their goals. Contact me to determine what is best for you ad to set up your first class or session.

“Patti is such an observant and positive teacher. She personalizes classes as my needs change and a new and old aches may arise.”